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October 8th, 2007

evilgrins @ 07:05 pm: posted with permission from the moderator

LJers of the Golden StateCalifornia·LJers
For the LJers of the Golden State to meet,
add each other, and be friends!

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January 5th, 2007

evilgrins @ 08:56 am: fear de kitty
9:10 PM 1/4/07 · Last few days I've been hearing, amidst the rest of the flurry of my early morning news, that apparently there is a mountain lion alert for the Bay Area right now. This strikes me a bit odd as you'd think that the typical mountain lion would probably prefer to be huddled in its cave in front of a roaring fire rather than wandering around to find someone to pounce on in this chilly weather.

Is it obvious I primarily watched cartoons while I was growing up?

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December 3rd, 2006

skankleupegus @ 02:10 am: selling my car
Hello everyone!
I am selling my car. It's a 2004 red ford focus. It has 39,000 miles on it and it's in great shape. I haven't driven it in weeks and I came to the conclusion that maybe I should sell it. I never drive it. All of it's miles are freeway miles. Here's some more info:
2.3L engine
Automatic transmission

This vehicle features: Dual Front Air Bags, Power Windows, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, FWD, Single Compact Disc, Power Door Locks, remote keyless entry, AM/FM Stereo, cruise control. Great gas mileage. All freeway miles. Beige interior.

I am asking 9,000,(The blue book is 9,800) but I am willing to work out a price.

November 6th, 2006

evilgrins @ 09:28 am: proposition song
Figured this was worth sharing muchly:

Having a Mom as goofy as I am, sometimes even moreso, helps me considerably. Especially when I have an odd question for her she doesn't usually react like 99.9% of the rest of the world would. Today's quandry had to do with something I heard on the news but the information that I tried to secure in my head (at 5:45 in the bloody morning) so I could look it up when I got to work. There's this son that covers all the propositions and I figured heard the whole version, they only did a snippet on the news, would help me with my voting on the morrow....as well as anyone else I shared it with.

cloaked in de evil LJ·cut upon requestCollapse )

The problem was that somehow by the time I got to work proposition had mutated into presbyterian and postpartum; that last one amused Mom to no end...and she found it surprisingly appropriate given the political wrangling surrounding this current voting session.

Anyway, enjoy and share with everyone!

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October 31st, 2006

evilgrins @ 08:06 am: In case you've missed the news
5:04 AM 10/31/06 · The Castro is really popular most Halloweens as one massively outrageous party. Unfortunately, it seems it's become a bit too good. Reports of public drunkeness and other debauchery has gotten our current mayor a bit annoyed and he's decided to moderate it something fierce.

I'm only familiar with two aspects of this:
  • There will be 25% more police on the streets doing whatever they can to keep things from getting out of hand.

  • There will be an absolute curfew placed on the entire location. No more festivities after 11pm. Not sure what the penalty will be but I wouldn't advise pushing it.

I've never actually gone to the party that is the Castro on All Hallows Eve before and now it seems it's really not going to ever be what it used to be so what's the point?

Least not while this guy's in office.

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May 17th, 2006

blueberryogurt @ 07:07 pm: Mimimum Wage
Hey everyone!

Does anybody know what the minimum wage is in Daly City? I know it's $8.82 in San Francisco, but I'm going to work in Daly City over the summer and was wondering if it was the same.

Thanks in advance. :)

January 2nd, 2006

antonijan @ 12:14 am: OMG! I am gay!
My cousin is harassing me because he cannot handle the fact that I am gay! He admitted that I am just the 2nd person he knows of that is gay and the other one is a PWA. I try to understand his situation but I am now 30 years old and there is no way in heaven or hell for me to change in m ways nor for me to even supress it or hide it. The cat is already out of the bag and they would just have to deal with it or for me to move out temporarily until they could accept me as I am. I will not subject myself to self-hate just to please other people and feed the lie that they want to live out. Sorry I am not who you have always thought I am.

With this.....I am looking for housing so I can have time alone to myself and re-generate until I get a very good job! I will be going to school soon to be nurse but with all these things going on at the house, I will have to choose a shorter course and that would be Pharmacy Tech for now.

Please reply or call me if u have room that is available....maybe even a free one until I get myself situated.

Please help a sister out.

June 14th, 2005

sullivanlane @ 08:47 am: Attn: Westmoor, Class of 1995
Hey, if any of you all are Westmoor High School Class of 1995 (or know somebody who is) we are currently planning our reunion to be held sometime this year.

E-mail me at kpberling at gmail dot com for more info, or join the Yahoo group Westmoor1995.


August 4th, 2004

missx151 @ 05:26 pm: Respond ASAP
Looking for:

Female 18-25 Non smoking. Mixed sex  roomate situation. Daly City house, $350 per month.
4 bdrm 3 ba
2 level house
You would share a bathroom... have your own room... rooms are extremely spacious!
House is VERY NICE!
Looking to move you in SOON!

we are looking for someone with similar interests to be a good fit!
Can Check out our LJ's for our interests

If you think you would be a good fit  please comment on this post ASAP

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June 2nd, 2004

childhoodcrush @ 09:53 pm: BAMTASTIC FOUR IS THIS FRIDAY!!!
June 4th, 2004
Oceana High School
401 Paloma Ave.
Pacifica, CA 94044
Tickets sold at the door:
Students $8, Adults $10

Because Art Matters is a huge huge huge art festival put on by the students of Oceana High School. There will be a cafe with a film festival and poetry slam including an open mic. There will also be an amazing hip-hop stage showcasing the four elements of hip-hop [breakdancing, mcing, spray can and scratching...at least i think that's what they are...don't ask the white girl about hip-hop] and two stages full of music, dance and suprises. Lastly there will be tons of food sold [go to the cafe and get tons of yummy desserts while enjoying poetry and films] and an art gallery with art work from J.U.H.S.D schools!! Also check out the murals at our school as they make Oceana one of the coolest schools [to look at at least] around.
Performers include:
Pacific Vibes
Mission Fusion
Taiko Ren
Mark Sessler
Mark B
Just Four Kicks
Operation Hooligan
Taste Like Burning
Barking Gizzard
and much much more!!!

Come out and support thoses crazy bammies who work their asses off to bring you this! And also, if I [Rachel] personaly know you and you don't show up, I might have to hurt you because you all know how hard I've work on this. And if I don't know you, come because this is the place you want to be Friday night. All the cool kids are going so you should too.


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